What is an Incentive Loan for Women?


We all know that there are grants and incentives for our women in many areas, and that many steps are taken by the state to provide support and benefits for our women to enter the business life. Finally, government-developed grants and incentives were introduced for women with employment shortages in their daily work lives. These credits can be paid to our women in line with the projects you will develop for certain business lines. What is an incentive loan for women ?

It is also possible to say that women’s hand skills are much more advanced and that they do not have anything to do with daily hand skills. However, in some cases, as the dexterity will be insufficient, interest-free incentive credits paid to women by the state come into play and support is provided for women. How are these loans received? What are the places that give women grants? Where can women receive incentive credits?

Credit to the Women Who Open a Workplace from the District Governor


The Ministry of Family and Social Policy’s Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation under the chairmanship (SYDV) with considering conversion to the idea of working for a hobby project carried out in order to support the initiatives of housewives is provided through 15,000 per credit prefectures. However, women who want to apply for this loan , two officers must find a guarantor and the application is made in this way. All details and application conditions of the loan to be applied through the District Governorship are as follows.

How can I get a district loan?


First of all, SYDV Loan application should be made in Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation and file should be opened. Then you need to apply for the District Office Loan Opening . If the applicant has a certificate or a certified craft, it is necessary to submit the documents. How can women receive incentives?

Regarding the loan terms of the Governor ; two officers are asked for bail. The cost of the workplace to be established should not exceed 15000 TL. The loan, which is 15000 TL non-refundable in the first year, is repaid without interest in the next 3 years.

Required Documents for District Governor’s Loan
  • Original identity card and photocopy,
  • Petition for loan application,
  • Detailed file of the business plan,
  • Two officers’ voucher certificate,
  • It is possible to apply to the district governorships by putting the price quotations of the fixtures and other goods required from 3 different companies in the file while establishing the workplace.

By completing these documents, you can apply for the loan with the steps mentioned above.

Micro Loan Support for Low-Income Housewives

Micro Loan Support for Low-Income Housewives

5 private housewives who come together to establish a business on the condition that they are from the same neighborhood are offered the opportunity of small interest – free credit called micro credit by some private institutions.

In this system, which is given micro credit to low-income housewives, there is no guarantee and no condition is required. 3 payment loans between £ 100-1000 between providing the first work day after a training to be established by 1000-3000 per happens and repayment is also done on a weekly basis. The refund amount is TL 2.5 per 100 TL. Refunds are collected by the officials coming home every week.

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